Champion Richard OHanlon discusses how winning the competition totally changes your life

Just over a month on from his second victory in the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship, Pro-Am winner Richard O’Hanlon has reflected on what proved to be a stunning victory at Nailcote Hall in August.

Having finished as runner up in 2016, Richard went one better this year claiming victory in a tense final day, where the lead changed several times. With an overall score of -5 he took home the €50,000 prize.

Richard has experience in winning the Championship, having also triumphed on the Cromwell Course greens back in 2010 but the competition has grown significantly since then and he spoke about how his latest win has changed his career for the better.

“Playing golf full time is expensive, I’ve spent the last three years playing regional stuff but it is still hard work. So, winning the BP3 has helped me play with less pressure. I still want to win, I don’t want to rest on my laurels, and if anything, it’s made me hungrier for success.

“It’s also allowed me to play in more tournaments. Now I’m looking to go to the World Par 3 in March and I have around seven overseas Pro-Ams, so they will come with slightly less pressure. The least amount of pressure you can put yourself under the better you will perform.

“The type of money I won at the BP3 totally changes your life. I have a couple of years to go until I’m eligible for the Senior Tour, which is the long-term aim. I’ve seen what the likes of Paul Broadhurst have done on the Tour. You can’t just turn 50 and go straight onto the Senior Tour you need a plan. You need to get yourself fit and in shape.”   

Famed for its small greens, Richard gave an insight into how to tackle the Cromwell course for future competitors: “I played nine practice rounds with Jarmo Sandelin and that is what helped me win, as I was pretty comfortable with the yardages and the greens. I take it seriously and I think that is what a lot of the Tour players are doing now too and that’s the frame of mind you need to be in to win.

“It breeds confidence and now I’m thinking why can’t I win it next year. When I won in 2010 it was £5,000, and then last year coming second, I won £25,000 which was just fantastic. The money really is life-changing.”

Since his victory, Richard has commemorated the achievement with a personalised licence plate which has gone down a storm on social media. He said: “I thought I deserved to treat myself! It was so hard to try and find something that worked but in the end, I went for BP03 PRO. It looks great and I’ve added on the bottom of the plate ‘British Par 3 Champion 2017’, it works brilliantly.”

Next year’s Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship takes place between 7-10th August 2018, with free tickets available from: http://bit.ly/2wmnaok.

For more information on the Championship get in touch with Conor Davies at Champions (UK) plc on 08453 31 30 31 or email [email protected]