Discover what makes our golf club special through the words of our valued visitors, members, and guests. Here, you’ll find testimonials that highlight the unique experiences and exceptional services that await you. 


“Every year I look forward to my return to Nailcote and the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship. It is truly one of my favourite events and it is always great to see the mixture of amateur, professional and celebrity players getting involved during the week!”

Browns Food Group Managing Director, Lee Godfrey

“I had a fantastic week thank you and all my guests had a great time too. It is one to tick off my bucket list from a win perspective , although Robert played like a god I did manage to score where it mattered and that’s pretty much the highlight of my golfing career to date! I look forward to confirmation of next year’s dates but it’s in the diary already”

Robert Rock, 2023 Winner

“The Farmfoods British Par 3 tournament has meant a lot to me over the course of a 20-year professional career with it being my first big pro win and my most recent pro win. It’s always a great tournament with loads of familiar faces and well respected professional, celebrities and businessmen /women to be around in the evenings and to be paired with. I’ve made many great friends throughout my years playing the tournament it’s such a thorough test of a short game and wedge play. I was happy to play so well last year and win it again!


“I’m always nervous playing you know, you put me in front of 100,000 people playing cricket and I’ll know how to do that, it’s like water off a duck’s back. Put me in front of 10 people teeing off and I shake like a leaf. It is very nerve-racking especially as it’s up close and personal. But it’s a great opportunity to have some fun and see some amazing golfers and just be a part of something special. I mean, in the pro-am which is what I play in, you get to meet some good golfers, some average golfers and people like me who are just there for a laugh. It’s a great mix”


“I think it’s one of those courses where until you play it, you don’t realise how fun it is and how challenging it is also. It’s funny because as an ex-sportsman, I am naturally ridiculously competitive so I’m annoyed with myself if I don’t play well and compete. I try and win the amateur event even though it would be difficult for me to win it with my handicap. I always try to go for the highest-finishing footballer. I think I got that last year.”


“Many, many thanks for inviting us, it was a BRILLIANT day and all for such a good cause.  Just to highlight both how well the event had been organised, and also that your hospitality on the day was tremendous. 

If we’re lucky enough to be involved next year I’ll be looking to get the business behind a great event like this again.”


“It has been great! The course is a great course and I shot level par so I’m quite happy with that! Maybe next year I can do better!”


“I really enjoyed my first experience of the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship. It was like a mini-Tour event with a strong field of some brilliant champions and a great little course & venue which gives the whole thing such a nice feel. Hitting those small targets is not easy and it can be frustrating but it was great fun to be a part of it.”

Amy Taylor

“It’s great that they are bringing women to compete against men, especially in this format, as we can play off the same tee’s and everyone is given that equal opportunity as there is no difference between the men and the women at this event – which is super fun. I’ve played a mixed event before and I love playing against the men. I think it forces us to show them what we are capable of and show we are just as good as they are.”

Isabella Dielert

“I grew up playing on a par 3 course so I’m really excited for this, I heard this course is quite narrow which can be a good thing or bad thing, but I am really confident, and I know my wedge game was good when I last played – so hopefully it’s still there as I know I will need it to be!

“I think we are heading in the right direction and of course we have a long way to go but on the LET (Ladies European Tour) we are trying to grow it bigger and there has been some things going on there and hopefully we can get more support from men in the future, particularly the big players out there, so we can get equal to what tennis is doing.”


“I have to praise Nailcote Hall, Champions and Farmfoods for making this one of the best golfing championships in the UK and even the world. With the level of professionals that play every year at the Championship it is no surprise that the event continues to grow and evolve into the premier par 3 competition in the world!”


“The Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship is rapidly becoming one of the premier golf events in the UK outside of the Open Championship and the PGA at Wentworth. The high standard of professional players that compete at the event ensure that it is one of the most competitive events on the UK golfing calendar. The whole week is just great fun for the players, celebrities and spectators that come to Nailcote Hall and I am very proud to be the host for it”


“I always enjoy coming to play at The Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship, a true test of golf and a fantastic atmosphere!”


“Thanks so much for having me! I absolutely loved it! It was quality!”


“I had an excellent time at the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship. It is an excellent Par 3 Course.” 


“The Cromwell Course is a brilliant test of golf. It’s certainly not easy! The whole tournament is a fantastic occasion and great fun.”