History has been made at the 2021 BP3 with a hat-trick of hole in ones

Will Bailey, 14, and his playing partner Pavan Sagoo, have made history at this year's BP3 event, as both players hit seamless hole in ones at the first two holes during today’s play. 

The 14-year-old junior player was clearly surprised at his achievements, explaining; “I’m just a bit shocked, because at first, I didn’t see it go in, but I thought it was close. But then we walked up there to see that it went in”.  

Hitting his second shot, Will experienced a stroke of luck, as he sank another hole clean in one. 

“We just heard it hit the cup, so I was just a bit shocked really. But of course, happy at the same time!”  

His partner, professional golfer Pavan Sagoo, was impressed by the young golfers play and first hole in one, but it was the second shot that really shocked the players and ignited some friendly competition between the pair. 

“Will starting with a hole in one was just crazy and on the second one we were all quite excited,” started Pavan.  

“We called it that he was going to make another, and he slam dunked it. It was just the craziest thing I’ve ever seen, so I was laughing over my shot,” he continued.  

As if the day couldn’t get any more momentous for the players, Pavan hit a strong hole in one on the second hole, directly after Will.  

“When that went in, we just cracked up,” Pavan gleamed.  

“It’s amazing. It’s a really historic moment and it’s a very special round, very memorable.” 

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